Prodflow for Event Management
Save time when you plan, manage and execute events with our online platform and App to share any information with your team, clients, suppliers and partners, as you get their feedback in real time.

Event Management

With Prodflow Events Management ready to use tool, you easily keep all of your documents organized, manage people and vendors, avoid last minute issues and share all information with your clients in real time.


A Ready to Use platform for your company

Customize the platform and the App with your company’s logo and colors instead of ours, as you use it with your team members, clients, suppliers, partners and others.


Instantly share files with everyone

Upload documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images or videos and instantly share them via App with groups of users separately.


Invite new users and manage their access

You can invite or delete members, sort users in groups according to their role and edit their access to your folders and files, at any time!


Schedule meetings and events

Send invitations for new events to any user or group of users you wish, and they will receive a notification to accept it and add it to their own schedule. You can download the list of those who have confirmed their presence.


Get automatic notifications

Users receive notifications whenever a file is changed or updated, you get notified when a user accepts or rejects your invitation for an event in the Schedule and when you are invited to a new project!

App & Back Office Tutorials

Take a look at Prodflow in action and get the best out of your experience!
Watch our quick tutorials
on how to access Prodflow,
use its features and functionalities to boost productivity in your business.
In the videos below, we show you how to use the Back Office platform and the App.