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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To start using Prodflow, you can click here to create an Admin account. There, you can create the profile of your company to upload and share business information within minutes, with no costs for 30 days. When the Free Trial period ends, or even before that if you prefer, you can upgrade to one of our subscription plans with no need to go back to our website. In the Prodflow platform, go to Settings, than Billing, where you can see all the subscription plan options and select the one you prefer according to your business needs. After the payment process, you can keep using the platform but now with the full experience.

Firstly, go to Groups & Users and create the group you wish to place your team (e.g.: Marketing team group, Sales group, and so on). Then, you can click on Manage Invitations to generate a link you can share to your team members so they join Prodflow. Still in Groups & Users, you can click on the edit access button of the group and select which folders they will be able to access and work on.

When you go to Groups and Users you can invite new users as you separate them into different groups, according to their roles in the project. You can create a group called "Clients" to place all of them, or create a group for each client to place their contacts. To add a new user to the group, click in Manage Invitations. It will generate an invitation link that you can share with the client. Your client can download the App and create their own account there to check your folders and files. They will only see the documents you gave them permission to.

In the back office platform, go to our Home page, than click in Customization. There you can select the colors you wish to put in the platform and in the App, and upload your logo or any other image to represent your brand identity in the back office version and in the App for mobile. That way, the back office and the App will exhibit your company's identity, not ours.

Sustainability is one of our main values and we are proud to help companies worldwide to switch their workflow to a paperless process by providing them a software in which they can use to archive, manage and share all types of business information without having to print them. The amount of paperwork generated by a business can be extremely overwhelming, and we are happy to be a part of what can be a great sustainable initiative towards a more balanced environment within your company.

Yes. If you wish to use Prodflow for 30 days with no costs click here. You will not be asked to share any payment information before trying the platform. All you have to do is create your account and start using. By the time the Free Trial period is over, you can decide if you wish to upgrade to a subscription plan, and only when you choose a subscription plan you will be asked to register payment information.

Yes. When creating an event in the Schedule page, you can insert the link to the call in the Description. As soon as possible we will be releasing the feature to insert this link as clickable as the current Google Maps link, so you can be realocated to the platform where the call will be taking place.

Administrators are the ones with access to the back office of the platform. They can access through the desktop and make all the changes and uploads necessary. Users can only see the work done by the Administrators, using the App mobile. Therefore, Administrators are the ones uploading files, creating groups, inviting new users, creating events or meetings in the Schedule and so on; while Users can see the projects to which they were given access to and receive notifications on upcoming events.

Yes. Go to Organization Profile, then go to Administrators. There you can see the profiles that have access to the platform as Administrators, you can also delete anyone you wish to or invite new administrators to join the organization with the same access as you.

You can set an alarm weeks, days, hours or minutes before the event time so that your guests receive a notification at the time you set the alarm when creating the event in the Schedule. If the event is already created with no alarms, you can edit it just by clicking on it.

When you go to Project Details you can see a little box that says Inactive. If you check this box, the software will put this specific project on hold, meaning that users will not have access to it anymore. You will not loose any of the information you had already uploaded in it and you can always reactivate. You only lose your files when you delete the project.

Yes. When you login to the back office with your Free Trial account, just go to Settings, than Billing and choose one of our subscriptions plans and the payment method you prefer. You finish the payment process and upgrade to a subscription plan within minutes while keeping the account you were using before during the Free Trial period.

No. Your Admin account can manage a company with more than one project. You can always create a new project in the back office version. However, your account can manage only one company. If you wish to manage 2 or more companies, you should subscribe to a plan for each company you wish to work on.

In case you have any questions or issues regarding Prodflow, you can contact us at [email protected] or through the platform itself. Go to the Home page of the platform, than click in About us / Contacts. In the bottom page, you can fill out the form presenting your questions or issues and we will assist you with the matter, in 24 hours.

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